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Windows Task List Series Back from the Dead!!! Part III

Here are parts I and II of my task list series:

Part I

Part II

Part III

If you notice in part II, the list is called Eat Home Live’s Task. This is the default name given to the list by Google Tasks. I want to rename the list. Here is how to rename the list:

1. Go to the picture of the bulleted list at the far right bottom corner of the task list and left click:

2. Left click on “Rename list.” The box you see below in the center will pop-up. Type the name of the new list in. Mine is renamed “Grocery list.”  
3. Now you can start adding items to your list. Just click next to the check box, type what you need to type and hit enter. Another check box for the next item will pop-up and you can type next to that and so on until it looks something like this:
4. When you are done, you can print it or email it to yourself (or whoever is running errands for the day), so you can have it on your smart phone at the store. You can even access it from your mobile web browser directly. Here is how to e-mail it to yourself: 
Click on the “actions” button at the bottom of the task list. Select “Email task list.” A box will pop up for you to type your e-mail address in:

Just type the e-mail address into the “To” box and hit send. If you want to print the list, you can just select “Print task list” in the Actions list instead of selecting “E-mail task list.”
The beauty of this list is that it is completely accessible through your Google Calendar as well. Mine is set to display right next to my weekly agenda. I can change it through Google Calendar if I need to. Here is my task list of stuff I need to do today displayed on Google Calendar:
This is just scratching the surface of what you can do. You can create multiple lists, check off and move tasks, make lists within lists, and more. 
This has been the easiest way for me to keep a grocery list so far. My husband can get into my email and add to the list, or e-mail me and I can add his items to the list right away. 

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