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Uses for Empty Tissue Boxes

Oval Tissues Box - SequelI love empty tissue boxes. I have discovered several great ways to reuse them:

1. Under the sink to store extra grocery bags.
2. By the front door to store doggie clean-up bags. It makes it easy to grab one on the way out.
3. Car trash can
4. Bed side dry trashcan or vanity area receptacle for used cotton balls, etc… (I buy the Kleenex Expressions oval containers and they look really cute not only around the house, but being used on my bed table as a mini-trashcan. I tear the film off the top when I am done using it and it makes for an easy place to throw small things away.)
5. As a place to dispose of used tissues when you have a cold or flu. It’s really convenient to sit it on the coffee table, desk, or where ever you may be. It also keeps there from being a giant gross pile of tissues in an open garbage can. When it is full, you just toss it in the trash. The film over the opening keeps them contained.
6. Lint receptacle in the laundry room.


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This entry was posted on January 1, 2011 by in Home, Live.