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It’s Dawn Again- Dawn as a Multi-Purpose Cleaner???

Okay, so the other day I mentioned that I have read in several places that Dawn dish liquid (just the plain original blue stuff) is great for cleaning showers and tubs b/c it is made to break up oil and dirt (think about body oils that get washed off and cling to the tub.) It just so happens that both of my bathrooms needed a good scrubbing on Sunday, so I decided to give in a whirl and do a test to see if Dawn can clean the tub well.

I was a bit skeptical about using dish soap to clean the tub with (although I was hopeful that it would work.) It’s easy to be skeptical because my first thought was, “If this was so great, wouldn’t I have heard about this before?” I also asked myself, “Why would companies make bathroom cleaners if something like Dawn would work?” Well, the answer to that is $$$$. If companies can convince the public that they need several different expensive cleaners for every room, imagine the money they stand to make over using a couple of inexpensive products. So, I finally get down to cleaning. I was prepared to be critical. I looked hard for problems and flaws. Guess what? There were no problems or flaws to be found. It was just the opposite. Dawn cleaned my bathroom not only as good as other cleaners, but better. Yes, I said better.

First, there was the tub. I wet down the tub, slung a bit of Dawn here and there much like you might spatter paint with a paint brush. I didn’t use much. I proceeded to scrub with my scrub-brush-on-a-stick. It spread very easily. I let it sit for a few minutes, and rinsed. I took a towel and dried the tile and the faucet. I didn’t have to scrub or work any harder than with standard cleaners. The best thing though was how incredibly shiny it got the tiles and faucet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen either of those things as sparkling clean as when I used Dawn.

Since it made my tile sparkle so fabulously, I decided that in addition to using it to clean the sink and counters, I would try the mirrors (I have mirrored closet doors and a very large mirror above the vanity) and the bathroom faucet. I wet my very clean sponge with hot water and placed a dab of soap on the sponge. Next, I wet it a little more and gave the sponge a light squeeze. I ran the sponge over the mirrors, then dried with a microfiber towel. This was so much quicker than using window cleaner and did a MUCH better job. There were literally zero streaks left behind. Same for the faucet. I don’t remember ever seeing my faucet so shiny and clean. Not having the glass cleaner smell was divine!!I think next time I clean my toilet with Borax, I’ll add a squirt of Dawn to the bowl to see if it sparkles more.

I will say to the greenies out there, Dawn is a petroleum based product. I have tried green dish soaps and have not been pleased with them for anything more than washing dishes. I do wash my dishes with plant- based soap because we have to eat off of them, but for cleaning purposes, Dawn has worked best. And, when I compare it to the other toxic crap with noxious fumes out there, it comes out way ahead. For me, it has become a matter of not compromising on performance. I can also say that Dawn will now mean two fewer bottles of cleaner I have to have, which is a very eco friendly thing.


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This entry was posted on January 12, 2011 by in Greener Cleaning, Home.