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30 Day Thrifty Challenge @ True Food Movement

One of my recent blog gem finds,  True Food Movement, is doing something really cool. Lisa Johnson, one of the blog’s writers is challenging herself to a Thirty day thrifty food challenge. She will be feeding her family of three near the USDA poverty level standard for a family of three-$491.10. The really cool thing is that she will be do all of her shopping at Whole Foods. You can follow her journey at:

I will be really interested to see how she does, especially since many people truly feel that you can not afford to eat a healthy diet on food stamps (which are based on the USDA numbers.) I am also interested because I feed my family of three for about $125 a week (this does not include dog food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, or paper goods.) I shop at a gourmet organic type grocer,  buy mostly fresh food, enjoy a bottle of wine per week, buy coffee, nuts, cheese, and other goodies. I will confess that this does not include our eating out budget, or our own spending money that we can use for whatever we want–including eating out. But, we only eat out about once a week, and I only get coffee out once a month or so.

Whole Foods is far pricier than the store I shop at though, and, to throw a wrench in things, she is throwing a dinner party for eight from her budget at the end  (maybe she can do a freegan dumpster diving dinner party like they did on Portlandia.)

Here are her first two posts about her challenge:

01/03/2012 Update:

One interesting thing I found out today is that Lisa is starting from ground zero on this. I think she may be letting some basic spices carry over, but everything else she already have is off limits during this challenge. Here is her latest update:


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