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I Want This-Red Carpet Manicure

I am addicted to gel manicures. A gel manicure is a special, long-lasting manicure that is cured either under a UV light, or an LED light. Mine usually lasts about two weeks. And, up until recently, you could only get them at salons for a cost of $30 and up. I’ve been getting them once or twice a month, so that gets expensive.

Now, Ulta offers a do-it-yourself version of the gel polish manicures and it is getting rave reviews. The pro kit, called Red Carpet Manicuree, goes for $79.99, which is a little more than the cost of two professional gel manicures with tip.

This kit is a very easy process that basically takes about 30 minutes to do. It involves painting your nails with various polishes and curing them under the light for a minute or so between coats. Since I have had it done on myself countless times, I am positive I’ll be able to use this at home.

Maybe in a couple of months, when we have recovered from our paid for in cash Christmas, I’ll spring for one of these kits–actually you can bet I will.  Over a year, it will save me about $530, even if I buy multiple colors (I usually stick with the same three colors.) Don’t you love how I can say that something that I want and is a total non-necessity will save me money?


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This entry was posted on January 1, 2012 by in I Want This, Money Saving Ideas.