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Simple Pantry Reorganizing

I am forever “redoing” my pantry. I’ll come up with an idea to organize it, try it out, and ditch it when it doesn’t work. There have been some tried and true things that have stuck around:

  • Grouping like ingredients together on shelves- The top shelf is generally for cereal, the next one down is for canned goods, beans, oils, and sauces, the one below that is for bread, pasta, rice, and grains, and the one below that is for snacks.
  • Can risers- They allow you to see the cans in the back of the pantry. Since my pantry is really deep, this is essential. 
  • The bread basket- I corral all of our bread products into a central basket that can be slid out like a drawer. I also put our peanut butter in the basket so that the basket can be pulled out and carried over to the counter next to fridge for easy PBJ assembly.I used to keep other stuff in the basket too, but now, we only use it for breads and PB.
  • Kid snacks on the bottom shelf- Lauren has to ask permission to snack, but I do put them on the bottom shelf so she can get them herself. I place anything off limits up higher. 
  • Pre-bagging snacks for the week- I pre-bag all of Lauren’s morning school snacks for the week in advance. It makes it easy to grab and go. 
  • Keeping organizing cheap- I never buy anything expensive or fancy for my pantry. It has a door. Company doesn’t open or see it. As long as it is neat and functional, I’m good. 
Here is a recent redo:
Above is the before. It isn’t too horrible, but not very well organized. Everything is also disheveled and difficult to find.There are no can risers at this point, which makes getting to the stuff in back a real pain.  I usually straighten my pantry on Saturday or Sunday before grocery shopping, but I got lazy for a while and didn’t tend to it well. 
Above is the after. Everything looks way better, and stuff is easier to find. 
Notice the can risers above, which I love. I also put all of the pasta in a nice plastic container so I can pull it out and make what I need. 
Also, notice the snack organizer above. It’s organized by snack types. The stuff in the back of that shelf is my stuff that I wanted out of the way in the hopes that I would forget about it and not pig out on it all of the time. We have stopped using the snack drawers, but they worked very well at the time. We don’t eat a lot of processed snacks anymore, so we have no need for anything like that now.  Now, we just have two plastic containers like the one on the right. Lauren has one, and I have one. Those hold our special snacks that no one is allowed to have without asking.. If you are wondering about the seemingly random clothes pin, we use those as bag clips. 

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This entry was posted on January 11, 2012 by in Home, organizing.