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What in the Heck Does That Mean? Salt Pig

My sister-in-law bought my mother-in-law a beautiful (and in my opinion the most valuable) piece of kitchen equipment called a salt pig. My MIL wasn’t quite sure what it was. A salt pig is a dish that holds salt. It may be in the shape of a pig, but generally, pig refers to any earthenware vessel that holds your salt. You keep it next to your stove so that you can add large amounts of salt while you are cooking. You can sprinkle the salt in with your fingers, or you can use a small spoon. I use a spoon in mine because I hate the feel of salt. My spoon is 1/2 tsp.

Many home cooks I know, try to use a salt shaker to season their large pots of food. You will never get enough salt doing it that way. Most large pots of soup, casseroles, and meat dishes for four need 1/2 tsp. of salt or more (generally I end up using about a tsp.) Salt is the most important seasoning ingredient in any savory dish.  It doesn’t just add a salt taste, it also enhances the flavors in your food. Don’t be afraid of salt!


One comment on “What in the Heck Does That Mean? Salt Pig

  1. Kara
    January 12, 2012

    Never heard of a salt pig. Thanks for making me a smarter woman! 🙂

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