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Guest Post: Cute and Easy Magnetic Memo Board

By Tracie Collins-Warburton

spray adhesive
This project really fell into place for me, I had a beautiful 11×14 frame that I’d bought a long time ago and the glass had broken, so I never even put any pictures in it. And, I had some wonderful fabric that I’d bought years ago just because I absolutely loved it, but I haven’t ever really had a use for it.  All I had to purchase was the metal and some tin snips, I got “all purpose” snips.  The hardware store sells different sheets of metal in various sizes. I got one as close to 11×14 that was available, bigger so you can cut to size. You need to cut the metal to fit into the frame as the glass would, so it will be all the way up against the front of the frame. I had to trim tiny bits off several times to get it to fit properly. The trimming made the cutest little curly Q’s, not sure what i’ll do with those yet, but I’ll find something.  Cut your material with a little overage on all sides so that it will fold around the edges of the metal sheet. After I got the metal cut to the right size, I used spray adhesive to adhere the fabric onto the metal, sprayed a little on back edges and folded the fabric over. Then,  you just install the fabric covered piece of metal into the frame, and replace the back of the frame.  If you want a more industrial look you can leave the metal bare.  This was super easy and turned out beautifully!  I love it, and I got some cute magnets and magntic clips and things for it.


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This entry was posted on February 29, 2012 by in Crafts, Home.