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Pantry Makeover Number Two

Okay, so I know that I just posted about making my pantry over in January. But, I am a compulsive organizer and re-arranger, so I am sure that you will see several reincarnations of my pantry until I find just the right system. This time around, it’s because I decided that I needed a dedicated space for some of my craft supplies, so I commandeered the kitchen island for my crafts.We only have two bedrooms, so I was constantly schlepping craft supplies from the shelves in my one car garage (I will do a post later over how I fit a ton of storage space in my garage AND still park my car in there.) Anyway, my island was home to my small appliances, so I moved those into my pantry–hence the makeover.

This makeover cost me less than $10, which is great, because as much as I love the beautiful fancy pantries on Pinterest, I am not going to spend a ton of money on fancy jars and containers for a space that is behind a closed door. I want my pantry organized, but transferring things to containers and jars is just too much work and money for me.

Here is the picture from my last makeover. This is pretty much what it looked like when I started:

Here is what I did: I had an extra shelf for the pantry that I had taken out when we first moved in, so the bag of dog food would fit in the bottom of the pantry. I put the shelf back in, added a hanging shoe bag on the door for small items, cleared the bottom shelf, and used the now empty two bottom shelves for small appliances.

Notice how I cut out a section of the bag so the door handle wasn’t blocked.
Notice the new bottom shelf. I added a few more appliances after this. 
There are soda cartons and a Kitchen Aid Mixer on the floor of the pantry.

 I put the dog food in sleek looking push top trashcan  on the back side of the island. You can’t even see it unless you go back there. Here are the photos:

I made sure the can was big enough to slip the bag in. 
That’s my pug Herbie. 
Dog food can is out of site when you walk into the kitchen.
Also out of site from the living room.

Notice the magazine holder containing my wraps and baggies. I got the idea from Pinterest, and I am loving it so far. Brilliant!


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This entry was posted on February 29, 2012 by in Home, organizing.