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No More Cable- And Life is Good

So, we have been cable free now for exactly 6 months. When we moved, I hated the cable company so much that we (read I) decided to cut our $80 cable bill and see if we could get our TV fix in other ways. What are those other ways?

1. Netflix 3-at-a-time and instant streaming. For $20 a month, we get 3 rentals at a time and instant streaming through our Wii. We have yet to run out of things to watch. There are countless series that we have on our instant queue that we have always wanted to see, an endless number of movies, and more kid’s shows than Lauren can ever watch. She has all of her favorites like “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “Sonny with a Chance.” And, they literally add content daily. We have access to things we could never watch through regular cable.

2. Downloading from the internet. Every single show I watch or am interested in is available through either Netflix (a season behind) or is available on the network website or Hulu. I see shows very quickly after they air. I watch them on my computer, or I hook-up my lap top to my television through an inexpensive gadget we bought at Frye’s.

Our net savings is about $60 a month, which adds up to $720 a year, $3600 over 5 years, and $7200 over 10 years. It has been worth it for us, and we don’t feel we have missed out a bit.

On the up side, my kid no longer has very commercial on TV memorized and doesn’t ask me for all of the crap she sees on TV.


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This entry was posted on December 20, 2010 by in Home, Live.